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Costal & Desertification Monitoring Department
Integrated Coastal Zone Management, State of Kuwait

Integrated Coastal Zone Management, State of Kuwait

Phase II: Establishment of the conceptual framework


  • ICZM Overview:

The sustainable planning of human activities within the natural environment requires a holistic and integrated approach known as the Integrated Coastal Zone Management, ICZM. In this project, a conceptual framework for ICZM for the State of Kuwait will be established, which is a step towards the sustainable development of the coastal zone. All over the world, coastal zones are the most populated areas where many industrial, residential, and recreational functions come together. The State of Kuwait is a prime example as almost all of its four million people live and work in a relatively narrow strip along its 500 km coastline. Kuwait is highly dependent on the sea and on the coast. The natural environment of Kuwait supports many human activities, such as fisheries and water supply. The Arabian Gulf connects the country to the rest of the world through cargo shipping. However, human activities also put pressures on the biophysical environment. The coastal zone of Kuwait is under extraordinary pressure due to increased coastal developments. The Sheikh Jaber Bridge is a major construction in the Kuwait Bay and further developments in Boubyan Island such as the Boubyan Port are set to continue. An increase in water demand until 2030 is forecasted and future power and desalination plant projects are planned at several locations along the coast.


  • Project Outcomes:

Many countries around the world have successfully implemented an ICZM plan balancing the socioeconomic benefit for the country with sustainable management of the natural environment The third pillar of ICZM is an effective institutional setting in which public and private stakeholders work together. For the State of Kuwait, the establishment of an ICZM plan is foreseen in four phases. Phase 1, which consists of coastal environmental profiles for Kuwait, was completed by KISR in 1999. The present project is for Phase 2, which is the establishment of conceptual framework for ICZM for the Kuwait Environment Public Authority (EPA). The project started on March 5th, 2017 and will be completed in three years. The outcome of this project will include a conceptual framework for ICZM in Kuwait; a defined coastal zone of Kuwait in terms of location; a comprehensive database related to developments along the coast of Kuwait; the identification of stakeholders involved in the development of the coastal region and build a vision for future sustainable development; and up to date rules and guidelines for coastal projects through EIAs and best practices.


  • Objectives:    
    • To define the coastal zone of Kuwait, in terms of onshore and offshore extent;
    • To establish a complete database, using eMISK, of all of the parameters related to coastal processes and all the activities along the coastline of Kuwait (i.e., hydrodynamic and morphodynamic data, industrial and recreational projects, etc.);
    • To update rules and regulations for all coastal related projects through EIA guidelines and best practices;
    • To develop a long-term monitoring plan for the coastline of Kuwait to ensure sustainable development through an appropriate ICZM; and
    • Build capacities in integrated coastal zone management.


  • Project Team:
    • EPA team
    • Consultants
      • KISR Team
      • Deltares Team


  • Upcoming Events:
    • March 19th to 23rd – Introductory ICZM course
    • April 24rd – Stakeholder Kickoff workshop


  • Training Courses:
    • Introductory ICZM cours
      • Course materials
      • Lectures


  • Stakeholder Workshops:
    • Stakeholder Meeting #1
    • Stakeholder Meeting #2
    • Stakeholder Meeting #3
    • Stakeholder Meeting #4
    • Stakeholder Meeting #5
    • Stakeholder Meeting #6


  • Latest News:
  • Reports:
  • Contact Us:
    • You can contact the Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) Team via
      • Phone:             +965 2220 8310
      • Email:              ICZM.KW@epa.org.kw
  • Address:

Environment Public Authority

Second Floor, Room

Shuwaikh Industrial – 4th ring road, across from Lulu Hypermarket